Foundation Repair

Steel Piering: Cracks in your bricks? Foundation wall? Chimney leaning? These are common foundation problems that must require steel piering to correct the issue. We locally fabricate our own equipment to lift and stabilize your home or building. We expose the problem down to the footing and place our custom structural steel brackets under the footing then drive our 3 inch steel pier down to bedrock using a hydraulic powered pump. Once the pier is firmly seated, the hydraulic power can lift your foundation back into place. We provide a no hassle warranty for ten years on each pier. Since we fabricate our own material, we can modify or customize a solution to fit any need.  Gugliotta Construction provided a custom solution for DNR and the City of Springfield during the mineshaft collapse in June 2013. 

Water Proofing 

Many foundation problems are caused by water. Water under the house in a crawl space can create mold and mildew build-up, which in turn becomes a health problem as well as nuisance to your house structure. It can cause wood framing to deteriorate and rot away. Water under a basement floor can actually build up hydrostatic pressure causing the floor to heave and crack. We offer various solutions to correct these problems. We install sump pumps in the crawl space and basement floors. We can extend your downspout to drain away from the foundation or out to the street. We can also install trench drains or curtain drains while providing yard grading to force the flow of water away from your foundation. We also Seal your walls with a foundation sealer and apply epoxy injections into cracked walls.

Concrete Lift

Concrete lifting or mudjacking as many people may recognize the term, is the process of lifting concrete that has settled from its original place. The mudjacking method formerly used real mud mixed with concrete and other materials and was then pumped under the concrete to force it to lift. A newer method we use today is a polyurethane mixture; consisting of a high-density foaming material that lifts the concrete up under high amounts of pressure. Many times driveways or walkways will settle due to drainage problems or ground settling after construction. We can save lots of time and money using the "poly method" rather than tearing out the concrete and replacing it. Not to mention the inconvenience of loosing your driveway or the mess for several days. Poly lift can raise your driveway within minutes! You can actually walk, park, drive, and use it shortly after the process is finished.

Check out our latest Info Graphic on concrete lifting. It is a great learning tool for all visuals.